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What do they say about JADE Romania?


“I have known the enthusiasm-filled team of JADE Romania for two years now. They attended to my workshop on how to set up Junior Enterprises at a JADE UK Conference in London in 2009. They wanted to learn, to soak in as much as possible from a well established Junior Enterprise, WBC, and confederation, JADE UK. Then we have been in touch during the different stages of the setting up and first steps of JADE Romania. I got to know powerful persons (mostly women!) with an astonishing can-do attitude. Their Confederation may be young, but it certainly has the potential to become one of those we look up. And a great role model in Eastern Europe. I raise my glass up to them. Well done in your achievements, and Good luck for what’s ahead of you!”Dr Carmen Torres-Sanchez
JADE Vice-President 2002-2003
“JADE Romania is a very energetic Confederation. Its people have been highly involved in the European network from the very inception of this young confederation. Being exemplary in its International Relations JADE Romania has proved to be of considerable importance within the European Network. The future looks very promising for JADE Romania and all people involved.”Kaweh Dashti
International Manager WBC, London 2002 – 2003
Vice President, JADE Europe 2003 – 2004
President JADE UK 2005 – 2006
”JADE Romania, even if young in the JADEnetwork, has worked really hard to improve and strength its newly developedroots, doing a great work! I have always had a closer contact with Simona,but from what I’ve seen and heard the other members of the board areworking very hard. It’s not easy to build a new confederation, it’s noteasy to maintain one either, so I know how much they have to work and allthe effort they have to put into it. I speak in name of JADE Italia, andI’m really pleased to do so, when I say that this confederation has a greatpotential and WILL go very far!”Natalia Moreira
International Manager, JADE Italy
”Jade Romania is working in the directions of Jade Network, which spreads the message that ‘Together we grow’. By this we can tell that the Romanian JE Network as working as a team is building the pillars of the enterpreuneur youth that will make the difference in the whole country as also in all over Europe, through the enterpreuneur profile that the JE Network is developing inside the Univerties.”Renata Perina Aguiar
Brazilian Ambassador
“JADE Romania Junior Entrepreneurs are great. I already thougt this when I met them in Milan and now that I got to know even more of them (Spring Meeting 2011) I am even more convinced that they have an extremely motivated team that shares the JADE spirit like no other country I know.”Marcello Schermer
Enlargement Expert, JADE

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